We put all our teaching expertise and real world implementations scenarios in our courses to deliver engaging course and our students has always enjoyed and learned more effectively. Individuals who have taken our courses are spotted in the world and they all have learned and pursued successful careers in switching and routing. They are network engineers,  consultants, administrators and architects.

We follow strictly the certification standards from the vendors in our teachings to benefit our students and to cover all the contents required to learn. We bridge the knowledge of our students when it comes to core networking services either that be in routing or in switching.

About IP Network Courses

IP Network Courses is powered by Cataclipse Computing Solutions INC and its cloud base services division. The company is founded by Eng. Habib Zakaria and is based out of Canada. The consultancy in the networking field and integeration of systems has been very successful in the past 10 years. To learn more about the parent company visit http://www.cataclipse.com

The cloud base division operates on its own platform and from its own shop with benefits to students and clients who like to own their own domain name, websites and even server hosting services. The one stop shop for all cloud services with pricing plans can be access using https://getdomains.cataclipse.com

Habib Zakaria is passionate about teaching young engineers in networking field, he has taught in a classroom settings but has decided to reach out to wider group of individuals with the help of digitizing the courses and delivering it to students. The courses are based on practical teachings and this provides the students with a real life experience by demostrating step by step configuration and testing those configurations.

Join our courses and enjoy the practical way of learning with IP Network Courses

Why Choose Us

    • Our Courses are Unique
    • We Provide core and Technical Courses
    • All Our Courses Are Based On Practical Implementations
    • Learning Is Secure And safe At The comfort Of Your Space
    • Lab Demonstrations In Each Course